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Christianity Breaks through Hollywood

Christianity Breaks through Hollywood’s Control with Shawn A Sequeira. For Shawn Anthony Sequeira in today’s world Hollywood’s formula for almost every movie being produced: a romance story, lots of action, or a coming of age overall themes. With such a repetitive formula, there’s a lack of originality in the movie business, but one man has…
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Last Generation Movie with Shawn Sequeira

[mp_row] [mp_span col="12"] Last Generation starts Pre-Production Producer, Shawn A Sequeira has started turning the wheels in preparation for the sequel to the Passion of Christ, ”Last Generation.” This film will be dramatically different from its prequel, focusing on Christ’s journey after his worldly death, and follow Him to Lucifer’s lair to face the devil.…
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Next Passion of Christ Movie

The Next Passion of Christ Movie is being done by SAS Movie Studios. The Passion of Christ movie referred to as the “Next Generation of the Life of Christ” to many Christians and religions came to theatres and while the movie ended the story did not. For SAS Movie Studios the incredible journey of the…
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