Next Passion of Christ Movie

The Next Passion of Christ Movie is being done by SAS Movie Studios.
The Passion of Christ movie referred to as the “Next Generation of the Life of Christ” to many Christians and religions came to theatres and while the movie ended the story did not. For SAS Movie Studios the incredible journey of the Life of Christ is being continued in the feature film world with former youth pastor, Shawn A Sequeira.

Shawn A Sequeira with SAS Movie Studios and many other SAS corporations has been planning and staging the next generation of the top feature films being done with Christian values in secret. SAS has personally developed large fully independent movie studios in many states along with owning all the latest movie equipment to produce large feature films like The Passion of Christ movie sequel. SAS states he wants to, “teach millions moral decisions through Christianity.” Although this was an enormous dream to aspire for the next generation of feature films being made, he clearly is winning the race to produce the sacred stories and values of Jesus Christ.
Christians have been trying to guide people towards Christ since the beginning, but in order to captivate a wider audience; more recent Christians such as J.R. Tolkien or C.S. Lewis are using mythological stories to appeal to younger generations. SAS Movie divisions is not subtly hinting to the way of the Lord, their exposing the next generation of The Passion's teachings with the latest special effects of larger feature films studios for the “Next Generation of the Life of Christ”.

Shawn A Sequeira and his entire SAS movie divisions are devotion to better moral teachings of the new and old Testaments of biblically teachings. SAS who has previously been called “Disney’s protégé,” with a true story going against Hollywood’s values like the story of David and Goliath. SAS Movies Passion of the Christ Sequel has been clearly a passion to help others, showing "their fruits" with many examples of large Christian out reaches, in which he instills the same moral teachings of Christianity. He also stayed away from the spotlight while working and producing major Hollywood films like The Passion of Christ, X-Men, and Iron Man. Shawn A Sequeira and many SAS divisions only goal is to remind the world of Christ’s Love and simply making movies with better values for our next generation of Feature Films.

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  1. Jesus is so worthy to be praised!I am truly thankful for the ultimate sacrifice
    I’ve seen this wonderful movie the right way but it would have been lovely to see you again the proper way

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