Last Generation Movie with Shawn Sequeira

Last Generation starts Pre-Production
Producer, Shawn A Sequeira has started turning the wheels in preparation for the sequel to the Passion of Christ, ”Last Generation.” This film will be dramatically different from its prequel, focusing on Christ’s journey after his worldly death, and follow Him to Lucifer’s lair to face the devil. SAS Movie Studios has already started training and casting hundreds of people with A list actors and actresses. SAS has begun construction in large warehouses and huge caves for the epic hell scenes in places around the states like Los Angeles, CA, Las Vegas, Nevada, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Last Generation Movie has been in preparation in secret for many years, starting with Christian and Disney employees as well as key people from the Passion of Christ Movie. The sequel is a Christian based film with the support, top of the line resources, and the latest digital technology and equipment provided by Angel Network International and SAS Movie Studios.

When Passion of Christ first came out to mainstream, the number one book in the world, The Bible , had the least amount of Hollywood films. Then, Mr. Shawn A Sequeira stepped into the scene and decided to build a Christian movie legacy that’s about to embark. With hundreds of employees, many locations and states, he clearly seems to have God’s favor in a short amount of time. Not shined upon by controllers of Hollywood, Shawn A Sequeira is clearly making a difference with incorporating better values and moral teaching for the next generation of feature films.

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    Wow this is going to be a great film I can’t wait to see it

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