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Breaking news: a new Passion of Christ movie

The Last Generation is cooking
Did you know that the movie global box office will be worth about 50 billion dollars in 2020, having made 30 billion dollars in the year 2016?

This a good income projection for an industry that is set to bring even juicier opportunities for investors who have the discerning eye to understand where the money is and make a bold investing decision as the opening presents. More so, the industry promises to become a vent for faith-based movies just like the Passion of Christ.

In 2004 when Passion of Christ hits the global box office, it raked in a whopping 612 million dollars in revenue, giving a good return on investment. The faith-based movie enjoys global patronage as many who to identify with Jesus Christ were all out for the high-quality movie. It is a must see for Christians who profess the faith and even for the non-Christians who enjoy a good storyline and quality entertainment.

What if I told you Passion of Christ 2 is coming soon? Yes, Passion of Christ 2, called the Last Generation would soon hit the box office. The movie is the brainchild of Shawn Anthony Sequeira and will be produced at SAS Movie Studio. Passion Christ 2, a Christianity breakthrough Hollywood movie will be a masterpiece in the history of American movie production.

Who is Shawn A Sequeira? He is a producer but may not be the common name you hear every day. He has been one of the industry backbones working in the background to produce high-quality movies you have seen and accepted as one of the best the industry can boast of including Iron Man, Start Treck, X-Men series and the coming Passion of Christ 2 that will hit the screen soon.

The 45-year old Shawn Anthony Sequeira is blessed with foresight and guided to see the light at the end of the tunnel. His Christian background positions him for this movie to tell the story and inspires generations of Christians to strengthen their faith in Christ and believe in God. The coming Last Generation movie has a two in one opportunity in its producer; being a Christian of note and on of industry best in movie production.

The Last Generation Movie is at pre-production stages to produce a masterpiece movie for the loving entertainment public. The world has seen Passion of Christ, but the Last Generation will be dramatically different. It takes a look at Christ’s journey after departing the world to take on Lucifer for its lies and deceptions. Already, the studio has started training and casting. Scene locations are being prepared to depict hellish places for the movie. The Christian based movie is receiving required support and getting top class resources to give it the taste of excellence expected of the blockbuster movie.

The passion of Christ 2 promises to show better values and redefine industry standard in faith-based filmmaking. The film will bring reality to what many already read in the Bible and corroborate what was being taught in Sunday schools and churches about Christ after death.

As SAS Movie Studio continue the preparation and cooking of one of the world’s best faith-based movie, let’s earnestly wait for the release of Passion of Christ 2 – Last Generation!

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