Shawn Anthony Sequeira

CEO SAS Movie Studios

Shawn Anthony Sequeira CEO SAS Movie Studios

Shawn Anthony Sequeira CEO SAS Movie Studio Divisions and Producing Last Generation movie. Sequeira was born in 1971 and was raised in a small town in Kentucky with horses and barns and simple country. His extremely high IQ allowed him to go straight to college bypassing High School. Being the youngest son of a secretive family Shawn began his journey to the Film Industry at a very young age. Producing some of the biggest photography campaigns in world he soon went into the world of investing into feature films. He always stayed away from the spotlight And secretly stayed behind the sceens investing into large feature films.

His Christian values being a youth pastor led him also producing some of the largest Youth Outreaches in the country. All at the same time he was taking School for Film and Photography for a career in the future that he knew was his calling.
Shawn started Building his Empire of Many successful SAS divisions one step at a time in many states overnight. His love for others was always his drive to better and teach everywhere he traveled. Now Shawns passion clearly is to show better values in the film industry today as we know it. All While he feels his Christian upbringing will always drive him to make a better difference in all he does for others to learn from in all he does in the film industry.

Currently Shawn owns many divisions of SAS Companies in many states and stages of development. SAS Movie Studios clearly has a passion in instilling Christian values in many of the feature films. With all SAS is involved in today. Shawn’s vision is very clear to many in Hollywood's film industry to show better morals.

Shawn Anthony Sequeira